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A Lost Opportunity


During decades the Armenian Diaspora contemplating the Ararat, watched, testified, as well, stimulated the conflict of divergences and the pluralism of our opinions, under the protection of the Holy Mother Apostolic Armenian Church, till then, the only existent link with Armenia.

During decades, we discussed, asked, were polemical, debated and diverged, however, without never ever to betray the legacy we inherited, above all, our generation, our parents' oaths and ideals that we learned in the every day familiarity.

During decades, we - our generation - used to say our thoughts clearly and to say our opinions with absolute freedom, pro Armenia and its people. This was and still is typical of the Armenian people. We were born free, idealist, even dreamers, and still we continue being in this way.

During decades our Diaspora supported the Armenian people, exposing without hesitation, in their defense, the Communist regime that slaved them during 70 years, never ever loosing its reference, through the Holy Mother Apostolical Armenian Church.

During decades, in the difficult moments, the Diaspora and the Armenian people did not know frontiers. We cried together, shared happiness together, prayed together, even admitting the criminal indifference and the irresponsible apathy of some segments. The essential is we are, because of this we still exist and will continue existing.

During decades the Armenian Diaspora and the Armenian people, listened together to the ideas of our poets, our writers, our public speakers and the creation of our thinkers.

During decades, together, Diaspora and the Armenian people, and our generation of descendant defend with our parents the fact that the Armenian cause is not questionable, we venerate with respect, loyalty and fidelity the ideals of May 28th, the Mer Hairenich and the Tricolor Flag, Armenian people's patrimony. In every part of the world, in each home of a survivor from the Barbarian Genocide, we learned May 28th symbolizes the independence of the Armenian people, Mer Hairenik was our political prayer and the Tricolor Flag the people brought into their hearts was the symbol of the unit of Armenian people.

During decades, we didn't have home, however we had ideals. Today we have, with the independence of Armenia, our home, but on the contrary, we don't have ideals any more. It is sad to recognize this. Nevertheless, it is the truth. It is revolting to imagine and even accept the relation between Diaspora and Armenia is distanced and equidistant from each other. Our political relationship was disfigured, imposing on us a figure of political neutrality incompatible with our History.

This is not about critics to the political leadership of Diaspora and to the Governments that follow after the independence. But, our history is being disfigured due to the lack of vigilance from the responsible for the Armenian people's history.

We speak about Armenian community, only for denying it.

The truth is, what make us sad, is to see Diaspora and the Armenia Government impotent to evaluate the consequences to the Armenian people from the reemerging of certain fundamentalism, worrying till the European Union Community and falling apart the political balance of the region. We are, all, indifferent to the Armenia's future and its perpetuity, as a source of light to the Diaspora.

In fact, what embarrass us is to see through indifference we are impotent for asking some help to Armenia, with rare exceptions, what deprives of the characteristics of its people with paternalist philanthropy. A people, who had left to the humankind several principles of ethical and moral behavior, cannot accept the humble position of a beggar State, contradicting our feelings.

What really make us poorest is to see our leaderships, in Diaspora and in the very Armenia, impotent to question the authorities about the quality of the help. Diaspora pretends that it helps and Armenia pretends it is helped. We watch a festival of donations. In the case of Brazil, we watch donations from Brazil's embassies in Armenia and from Armenia's embassies in Brazil.

The history of Armenian people deserves and demands respect!

Still recently in the Government of President Fernando Henrique Cardoso and reaffirmed by the New Government President Luiz Ignacio Lula da Silva were established, as strategy of commercial offensive, the creation of platforms of exportation, through China, India and Russia, aiming for conquering new markets.

With the support of Brazilian Government, we suggest the creation of a Clearing House in Armenia, with the purpose of becoming the commercial trading faster, with all the countries of Ex-URSS, with the support of the biggest Europeans companies, changing Armenia in a big center of commercial trading, native vocation of the Armenian people.

We are sending to the Direction of this Conference call a summary of the Clearing project through Armenia.

According to some data provided by Ministry of Developing from Brazil, the goal of commercial trading to be reached through Clearing House with headquarter in Armenia would be in the order of US$ 5 billion per year. By reasons, not discussed by ourselves, the Clearing's headquarter was changed today.

Armenia lost this opportunity to other countries.

It is time to recover the truth, making justice to the Armenian communities and especially, and in the specific case of Brazil to its Government and to their people that gave the biggest demonstration of solidarity to the Armenian people in all the moments.

We must ask and have the courage of charging guidelines much more responsible from Armenia Fund.

We must ask about the representative independence of the Embassies and Consulates.

However, even with all these obstacles, we still have hope and we have the strong conviction that Armenia, by its own expedients, will find and decipher the enigma of its quite promising future.

Because of this, it demands a treatment much more noble, worthy and responsible.

We hope, congratulating the promoters of this event "Pro-Armenia" in the benefit of Armenia and its people, with the understanding that join us, by the love that constructs, by the work that become ourselves noble, and removes the demagogy, which obscures the truth, the lie that aggresses ourselves and it assumes the vanguard of the great decisions, as in the past, respecting the authority established, even if diverging from it, fighting for the consolidation of the union of the Armenian community.

And so, demands the memory of our parents.

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