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Initiated by the World Bureau of the ARF/Dashnaktsutiun, the first “Pro Armenia” conference took place in Paris, on Friday, January 31, Saturday and Sunday, February 1-2, 2003. Organized by the European, US, Russian, South American and Middle Eastern offices of the CDCA (Committee for the Defense of the Armenian Cause), The Conference was designed to launch a world-wide pro-Armenian movement to promote the social, economic and political development of Armenia and the Armenian people.

Delegations from nearly twenty countries included former heads of state, prime-ministers, ministers, members of parliament, senators, ambassadors, journalists, experts in the fields of international communications, economics and social issues. They deliberated on matters concerning the future of Armenia and the Armenian people through three specific themes:

1. The Armenian Cause, the Genocide and the 21st Century
2. The Integration of Armenia in the Economy of the Caucasus within the Context of Globalization
3. Armenia and the Armenian People in the 21st Century

The participants welcomed this opportunity to initiate the establishment of a solid and viable bridge between Armenia and its friends throughout the world, amplifying considerably its means of potential evolution.

Organizing Committee of “Pro Armenia”
Paris, February 2, 2003

17, rue Bleue, 75009 PARIS - FRANCE
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E-mail : contact@proarmenia.am

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